Restrictive physical intervention

When supporting people who are distressed in either education, health or social care settings, there are times when restrictive interventions are required to protect staff, the individual themselves and others within the community. Despite this need, PRICE Training is committed to restraint reduction and believes the use of coercive and restrictive practice can be minimised, and that the misuse of restraint can be prevented.

PRICE Training places a significant emphasis on the importance of primary, secondary and non-restrictive tertiary strategies. From a person-centred approach, that aims to understand and meet the needs of individuals before difficulties arise, to recognising an individual’s early behavioural signs (physical, emotional, communicative); our courses offer creative experienced-based skills that are effective in preventing situations from escalating. A significant emphasis is also placed on the use of non-restrictive tertiary strategies, such as de-escalation, diversion, distraction or strategic capitulation as well as the use of breakaway techniques to safely respond to unwanted physical contact.

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Restrictive Physical Intervention

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